Immersion4 has been built on 4 pillars :

. No water consumption
. No CO2 emission
. No GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emission
. Ethical

Social responsability

For Immersion4 the planet matters & drives the way we do business.
Integrity & independence are our watchwords. When clients turn to us for services, we don’t just add value, we add values in allowing Immersion4 DTM technology to be built locally using the local industry enhancing the local economy.

DTM™ Technology

THE Immersion4 « E » PRINCIPLES

Immersion4™ “Dynamic Thermal Management” DTM™ datacenter technology is based on the 4 “E” principles:

1- Eco-conservation
The best energy savings is the energy we don’t use from the servers up to the building.

2- Environmental conservation
To preserve & enhance the “Quality of Life” QoL.

3- Circular economy & Eco-efficiency
“Pay as you Grow”.  No up-front sizing.  The best datacenter is the one with no datacenter infrastructure required.

4- Ecologically sustainable
99,99% built on recyclable materials.


Immersion4 DTM™ technology is the first of its kind offering:

. Not subject to the “Delta T”, (temperature inside the server room),
. Climate agnostic,
Zero water required for cooling,
. Has a scale from Edge to a Full-size data center,
. “Building block” based allowing cost efficient and seamless upgrades,
. Easy and swift set-up,
. Requiring only a power source (of your choice) and internet access,
. 1 year ROI (Return on Investment).

 Our customers benefit from a massively reduced cooling energy bill, lower acquisition costs, space savings, and a truly universal and durable  system.